Point 3

Check for open or expired permits.

Point 3 of Jeff Grant’s 99 Point Marketing Plan.

In the First Phase of Jeff Grant’s 99 Point Marketing Plan – ‘Before Listing Your Property’, point 3 the Jeff Grant team will check for open or expired permits.

Many times, open and expired permits can be cleared up at the beginning of the selling process. Taking the initiative early can lead to a smoother closing and less aggravation. Permit issues can usually be resolved with a quick call to the city or county permit office. They may require reopening and closing the permit after an inspection has been completed. Sometimes, they are just a data input problem. These can be corrected very easily with help from the permit department.

My satisfied clients are the best resource for new business. In this very competitive business of real estate, service makes the difference. If you are considering a real estate professional, please give the Jeff Grant Team an opportunity to earn your business too. We are confident you will be very happy.

If you have any concerns about your possible permit problems, give us a call. We are here to help and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find you someone who does. We have access to experts in every area of the real estate field.